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A change for the better

As an international strategy and management consulting firm P3 OSTO makes organisations and people future-proof.

Operating across all industries and disciplines we enable our clients to understand, respect and master organisational complexity. We use our solid methodical foundation to design specific and target-oriented organisational change processes together with our clients which we moderate and support throughout their implementation.

Our change processes are based on our very own scientific system model which to date proves itself in whatever kind of situation it is applied. You can find a detailed explanation of the model on Wikipedia. Moreover, you can find a description of the term Dynaxity there which describes the simultaneous increase of complexity and dynamics as well as the related effects for perception, diagnosis and the management of systems.

On a personal level we offer training programs with the objective of advancing individuals and teams. So an additional benefit of our services is the empowerment of your company and staff to initiate and implement change processes independently in the future.

People with a passion for change

We are excellently set up change designers, change moderators and teachers.

One of our specific characteristics is that all of us were driven by passion in our choice of vocation and practise it with tremendous dedication.

Thanks to the diversity of our clients we are continuously extending our expertise and knowledge. Moreover, the acquisition of industry and project related intelligence is ongoing. Many of us cultivate contacts to the academic world.

Our employees are perfectly equipped and empowered to serve each client with tailor-made solutions based on methodically secure principles which have proven themselves time and again over the years.

Furthermore, we all share a high degree of empathy. It keeps on proving advantageous for our clients that their staff perceive us as humane and accessible. In effect it means that besides the factual level we are also allowed to experience behavioural patterns and can establish a balance between the two.

The enabled and the future-proof

There’s not an awful lot we can’t change. Except for the weather maybe.

Accordingly our client base is versatile.

It comprises global international corporations just as much as privately owned medium-sized businesses, public entities and academic institutions. After all, the need for change, development and empowerment is a universal one.

Together we are even stronger

We come from a good home. Since 2013, we are part of the P3 group. As such we belong to an even larger collective of highly competent consultants, advisors and specialists with expertise in various industries and areas of competence. Our 3000 employee strong group based in 15 countries at 40 locations stands for international management consulting and innovative engineering services.